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Remote Help

Need help in a hurry?

We offer high quality, customer-friendly remote computer support for your home or office through a secure desktop sharing technology, which with your permission, allows our technicians to access your computer over your internet connection. Fireproof Computer Services offers remote assistance! With your permission, we can remotely connect to, diagnose, and repair your computer just as if a technician were physically there in your home. The difference is you don’t have to worry about waiting for someone to arrive! What’s more, without the need for travel, our techs can make better use of their time – this means you can enjoy in-shop rates without having to lug your computer to our shop.

Remote assistance is convenient, affordable, and safe. The connection is completely secure and closely monitored. We can only access your computer upon your initiation, and you may terminate the session at any time. So, how does it work?

What type of support can be provided?

Using our remote computer service, we can:

  • Fix email and software related problems.
  • Resolve printer software and other peripheral problems.
  • Tune up your computer and improve performance.
  • Install and configure anti virus software.
  • Remove viruses, adware and spyware.
  • Install new software and provide training.
  • Set up wireless networks.

Note: If you are having problems with your Internet connection or your computer has a hardware malfunction, we will have to schedule an on-site appointment.

What type of support can be provided?

We can support all windows based computers. A broadband connection is required.
ALL remote sessions MUST BE PREPAID.

How do I get help?

Step 1: Set up an appointment.

Step 2: Connect

Step 3: Sit back and watch us work!

You will have to download a file from the link below and open it. Before you run it, please give us a call so we can enable the connection. Feel free to schedule an online appointment with us using the “Contact Us” Link below. This program does not install anything on your computer, and can be safely removed after the session is done.

We will provide you a link to download the Remote Help Desk program.

Please be sure to contact us first to schedule an appointment.

For your convenience, a secure web payment option has been provided. Please make your selection for payment below based on the time estimated by your technician. Also, be sure to see our Policies and Warranty Info.



Before Fireproof Computer Services performs any repair work we ask that you proceed to call our offices to arrange payment.

If a problem arises during the session that cannot be resolved remotely, we may ask you to schedule an on site appointment. Please note if you are connecting from a city other than Tucson, AZ, our technicians may not be able to fix problems that require an on site appointment.

You acknowledge that there is always risk when it comes to computer work and, except in cases of gross negligence, you agree to hold Fireproof Computer Services harmless. See our policies/warranties page for details.

Fireproof Computer Services will always protect your information and data in accordance with the law.

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