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Computer Services We Offer

We are experienced and professional computer repair technicians, who are here for you. We can help you with computer hardware and software issues, software and hardware diagnostics, even training on using the internet, email, and more! Feel free to contact us with any questions! We offer a wide array of services for Microsoft Windows desktops and laptops.

Fireproof Computer Services is locally owned and operated, serving the Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience and are all professionally certified. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment with a technician, or with any questions at all. Fireproof Computer Services offers on site support and remote support. Schedule an appointment by calling our office (520-302-4203) or using our contact form.

We are a full service computer repair shop and offer routine maintenance, system hardware/software repair and/or replacement, virus removal, data recovery, internet troubleshooting, and wired/wireless network design and installation, custom system design and more!

Residential & Commercial

Virus Removal

It is common practice in most computer repair facilities to format (erase) your drive to remove viruses. In most cases, however, Fireproof Computer Services can remove viruses without formatting your drive.


Check the oil and rotate the tires! Computers are like cars – they need regular maintenance to keep running well. We can return your computer to good working order with our tune up special.


Whether you need a new keyboard or a new system, we’ve got you covered. We can advise and provide the latest and greatest upgrades. However, if it’s time to stop dumping money into a system unworthy of an upgrade, we’ll tell you that too.

Network (Wired/Wireless)

If you have more than one computer in your home, and you’d like the ability to share files, printers, internet access and more Fireproof Computer Services can install an in-home network to suit your needs.

Data Recovery

We can recover your data from a working hard drive, from a failing drive, and in many cases from severely damaged drives as well.

New Computers

Fireproof Computer Services can help you find a computer to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for the bare minimum or for the ultimate gaming machine, we have what you need, at prices you can afford!

Computer repair involves diagnosing and fixing issues with computers, laptops, or other electronic devices. Here are some common aspects of computer repair:

1. Hardware Repair: This includes fixing or replacing components such as the motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, RAM, power supply, or any other physical parts of the computer.

2. Software Troubleshooting: This involves identifying and resolving software-related problems like operating system errors, crashes, or compatibility issues. It may require reinstalling or updating software, removing viruses or malware, or fixing corrupted files.

3. Operating System Installation and Upgrades: Computer repair technicians can assist in installing a new operating system (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux) or upgrading an existing one to the latest version to enhance performance and security.

4. Data Recovery: When files are accidentally deleted or lost due to hardware failure, computer repair technicians can attempt to recover them using specialized tools and techniques.

5. Network Troubleshooting: Professionals can diagnose and fix issues related to network connectivity, router configurations, or slow internet speeds.

6. Hardware Upgrades: Technicians can help in upgrading computer components like increasing RAM, replacing outdated storage drives with solid-state drives (SSD), or adding more powerful graphics cards to enhance performance.

7. Preventative Maintenance: Computer repair also involves regular maintenance tasks like cleaning the inside of the computer, removing dust to prevent overheating, and keeping the system up-to-date with the latest patches and security updates.

It’s important to note that the exact details of computer repair can vary depending on the specific issue and the technician’s expertise. If you are experiencing any problems with your computer, the professionals at Fireproof Computer Services can accurately diagnose and address the issue.

Remote Help

We offer high quality, customer-friendly remote computer support for your home or office through a secure desktop sharing technology, which with your permission, allows our technicians to access your computer over your internet connection. Fireproof Computer Services offers remote assistance! With your permission, we can remotely connect to, diagnose, and repair your computer just as if a technician were physically there in your home. The difference is you don’t have to worry about waiting for someone to arrive! What’s more, without the need for travel, our techs can make better use of their time – this means you can enjoy in-shop rates without having to lug your computer to our shop.

Remote assistance is convenient, affordable, and safe. The connection is completely secure and closely monitored. We can only access your computer upon your initiation, and you may terminate the session at any time. So, how does it work?

Are you a small business, organization, or non-profit?

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t require full-time IT departments, but are seeking reliable short-term help from time to time and outsourcing those big projects that come along. Fireproof Computer Services can help you with that!
Let us handle your IT needs, so you can focus on what you do best!

Attempting to cover all your IT needs on your own can be overwhelming. You may have a technically-inclined staff member willing to try their hand but more often than not the learning curve proves to be too steep, and a lack of experience can be risky. Outsourcing allows a company access to expertise and at a much lower cost than hiring and maintaining the professional personnel internally.
What’s more, the IT industry is a rapidly developing market, one that is difficult to keep up with. At Fireproof Computer Services we have the resources, the skills, and the drive to provide you with the very latest technological solutions.

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